live: Zoran Trklja (procedura/ poems+…)+ background noise +++ ѕрикавци (ZRIKaVCI) (Grillentrash), both from Belgrade will appear in concert, Dachboden on Thursday 17.3.11 8 pm

rEvIeW of reading + concert here:::

They got lost somewhere near the westplatz, i picked them up with a borrowed car where they were stranded somehow 1200 kilometers northwest of belgrade, but not so far from their destination. they did not catch much sleep during the journey but still we managed to have some welcome beers and schnaps they brought. Next day they looked more recovered and joyful, the breakfast was good (schnaps & beers + some soup). during the day i was torn apart a bit, clearing up the attic, drinking more, having doubts if everything would work out (doubts were right). I drifted into some dangerous sort of lukewarm attitude regarding everything technical concerning the evening. with the help of some friends everything eventually turned out well. they brought amplifiers that worked, a mixer… ten beers later i was nervous enough to convince zoran that we should start with poetry reading. rooms were filled sufficiently, almost crowded… we arranged ourselves in a corner and passed the microphone on to each other, zoran reading an english translation of his poems, me reading the german translation. underneath a fine carpet of noises was woven, a guitar treated and mistreated. I wanted to add some electronic noises from my old home computer (commodore 64) but did not really manage because of reading at the same time. audience listened patiently. i enjoyed the reading and liked the poems while reading them. after reading i hurried behind the bar. zrikavci started: i was surprised, but sound was great. they did not sing with microphones but for me this made it even better, because it added something unusual to their sound. despite my announcements on flyers they did not play anything close to “folk trash”, rather it was some very imperturbable pop punk with almost dada-like show elements, which dominated the overall appearance. the audience seemed quite hypnotized and amazed, at least i felt amazed (they had something very playful, sometimes to remind me of the pixies). i got more and more drunk, audience too. there was some minor incident of unidentified cause in front of the house, but it remained as mysterious as it was. band kept singing, me kept drinking. i talked with someone. (who?). next day we visited the exhibition and drunk as always legendary gdr-punk-cover-contest.

pred polazak

muzika u kolima

fotografija radijatora




hilmarova soba




pogled s prozora – noću


pogled s prozora – danju


ekipa 2


iz zgrade

iz zgrade

ime naše ulice


s plafona

danger of life

wooden staircase

bratislava u daljini



the notwist

do make say think

stvari iz hodnika

the get up kids


slika s tavana

fudbalica na tavanu

plakat za događaje


pivo na tavanu


daniel svira

hilmar svira


ljudi slušaju poeziju

daniel svira i ljudi slušaju poeziju

prijatelj i hilmar

krompir čorba



jaja i kobasice


krsma i đida


detalj sa zida



red star

izložba visionerski transport

gdr punk


plakat u trafici





naša kuća





Lesuing + Konzert
Zoran Trklja + ѕрикавци
Zoran Trklja schreibt Gedichte und für Blogs (procedura), kommt aus Belgrad/ Subotica. Teil einer Szene, die sich im Umkreis der offenen Lesungen im Rex in Belgrad entwickelt hat (“Pesnicenje“), welche von der Gruppe “Škart” (auch das Horkestar entsprang daraus) initiiert wurden. Er veröffentlichte einen Band Gedichte für das legendäre Tapelabel “slušaj najglasnije!“. Die Gedichte zeichnen sich durch eine gewisse Düsternis und soziale Apokalyptik aus. Ein Background Noise Orchestra aus Leipzig fügt Hintergrundgeräusche hinzu.

Danach die Band ѕрикавcци (Zrikavci), es ist die neue Band eines Freundes, der schon 2006 Leipzig mit seiner damaligen Band “Manisent i Mentalnost” heimgesucht hat, das Konzert auf der Save haben sie auch organisiert, das Abschluss unserer Floßfahrt im Jahr 2008 war. Jetzt mit der neuen Band werden sie uns ohne Zweifel überraschen, da es ziemlich geheim ist alles (keine Internet-Präsenz), ein Freund beschrieb ihre Intentionen als “totale Dekonstruktion von irgendwas”, vermutlich sind sie also die neuen LAIBACH.

Lesung/ Konzert ist Teil von Visionerski Transport


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